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World champion 2014 u15

Precious little talent x
I’d really like to know how manny irish dancers are on tumblr.








Please reblog if you’re an irish dancer <3

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Irish dance majors:


turn out onstage

turn up afterwards


Good Vibes HERE

Anonymous asked: Are u getting a new dress for worlds in London? Same colours or ?? Ps good luck and shine like the star you are!! You can clearly win the worlds as you did before and slip jig is your strong point so really make that stand out to bring up the points and just show everyone your enjoying it sorry if I'm nagging i just love your dancing an you deserve to win hope my wee nag helped xx good luck 😘😘

Yes I did get a new dress! And awe thank you! I’ll be sure to do that :)


Harney World Qualifiers! Can’t believe I’m leaving in 3 days🇬🇧✈️🌍

Anonymous asked: hows your confidence level about the worlds at the moment? xx

I definitely feel more confident than I did at all scots. I’m just continuing to work hard each day until its dance day!